Easy Maintenance Tips for Automatic Doors

Automatic Door Sign


Our easy maintenance tips have been created to prolong the life of your automatic doors, whether you are a business or company owner in a large commercial building. With a range of safety concerns, such as how effective are the safety sensors and if the doors are set at a speed that they should be, a professional maintenance service is needed to ensure your doors are still working at a level that is safe, competent and useful.

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In addition, self-maintaining the doors can help to avoid common problems.

  1. Commit to a regular detailed visual inspection

Taking the time to complete these safety checks means you can spot tiny cracks, or damage to any section of the automatic door. Another section to check is the condition of warning signs and ensure they are correctly positioned and are visible to those that are using the doors.

  1. What noise do the doors make?

You should listen to the doors when they are in operation. If you are familiar with the sound they make, any noise changes will be noticeable and could indicate an issue with the doors.

  1. Run efficiency tests

There are various tests that you can run to ensure that your automatic doors are still as efficient as when they were first installed. This also includes the efficiency of the approach sensors which indicates the doors to open.

This could include passive infrared, radar movement, pressure mats and access card readers.

The self-maintenance door checks can make a huge difference to the performance of your doors. Also, don’t forget that professional servicing and safety checks must be carried out by a licensed professional at least once a year.