Support and advice for mobile phones

When it comes to mobile phones, I think it is safe to say that we all rely on them slightly too much. We use them for everything, calls, texting, checking what’s happening in the world and many even work from them.

So, when something goes slightly wrong with them, we panic even when there are easy solutions that can fix these issues. Below are our top tips on overcoming any troubles that you may face with your phone.

Protect your phone from damage

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Same day phone repairs with 1 year warrantySame day phone repairs in London

The most common thing that breaks on our phones is the screen, either it’s smashed or the LED lighting is damaged and we get funny lines appearing. However, other things such as broken charging port, home/power button and headphone jack are also areas that face troublesome times.

If you feel your phone isn’t working as well as it used to be and you are facing some difficulties, then contact Square Repair in London who are able to diagnose any faults you may have with your device for only £15. Phone repairs include, iPhone 6, 6S Plus and Android smartphones. See this here.

An easy method to solve your connection problems

If you are unable to get a secure connection on your phone, or if you are unable to connect to your broadband at all, this can cause a pause in your productivity and can become frustrating.

  • Check your SIM card is inserted properly
  • Restart the broadband modem
  • Have a look at the devices firmware
  • Check your connection settings in your phone

If you’re still unable to fix any problems, call us on 07516 391 429.